About Little Actors' Studio

Important Announcements:

Amber Brooke Lopez was invited to facilitate the after school drama program at Murdock Elementary School in 2014. Little Actors' Studio was created as a result of that request and has taught little actors the art of theater every year since. Little Actors’ Studio continues to strive to build the confidence of all its participants by giving each student a moment in the spotlight of every performance.

About the Founder

Little Actors' Studio

Amber Brooke Lopez has been involved in musical theater since she was in elementary school herself (that's been a while ago).  She has worked on cruise ships, in theme parks, and in professional theaters performing opera and musical theater. 

Amber has been teaching children music, dance, and theater since 1994 in several local companies, preschools, private schools, and churches.

Amber is the mother of 3 very theatrical children who have all been involved in various community and school drama performances, including Little Actors' Studio productions.

Registration for Murdock Elementary 2019-2020 is open!